We work hard. We deliver.A STORY

When we decided to start a brewery in Omaha, Ga., (Yes, Georgia) it wasn’t only because our family believes in the  individuality found in each craft beer, but because craft beer isn’t prevalent enough in the South.  We want to incorporate our family-oriented upbringing into the craft beer industry and brew a barrel of beer that feels like Southern comfort and the crisp mornings Georgia knows best.

Robert and Stephanie Lee began the foundation for OBC on December 12, 2012 after realizing the crossroads between opportunity and necessity. It takes a consistent effort and people who care to operate a craft brewery, and the Lee’s found that foundation after hiring Brewmaster Nick Fowler, formerly of Red Brick Brewing Company in Atlanta, and sales and marketing manager Rob Lee, Robert’s son.

Omaha is located just south of Columbus, Ga., on the Alabama line where Robert grew up with his four brothers and two sisters.  Our current building was built in the late 1940’s as a school and renovated in the 1990’s into an industrial plant manufacturing miscellaneous parts.  When Dr. Lee bought the building in early 2013, renovations began and continue to this day.

Distributing to the public since June 2014, OBC’s plans of expansion are already in play. A new building, adjacent to the current, began construction in May, 2015, and now houses the 30-barrel brewhouse, 60 and 120-barrel fermenters and packaging equipment, including a Wild Goose WGC 250 canning line. Distribution began outside of the Columbus and Valdosta markets in late 2015 and continue to grow state-wide month to month.

We use only the best ingredients (And trust us, there won’t be beer unless it’s fresh) and a clean, consistent method to boil and ferment a beer The General himself would enjoy. Our brewing methods have stood the test of time in countries such as Germany and Belgium, and we continue to improve every day.

A unique asset running right underneath the breweries foundation is an underground spring, supplying all of the breweries water. The artisan spring water also has ideal, stable water chemistry, providing an optimal base of which to begin our brews and ensuring a consistent product with every batch.

With the ideas of family, friends and quality always on our minds, we want to make beer that people enjoy and can relate with; Not just sometimes, but every time you look at the Omaha Brewing Company Logo, taste the foam dripping off your glass and find a six-pack on the shelf of your local store.




Growing up within walking distance of the brewery, Dr. Lee worked his way through college at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Georgia Southwestern University, a lesser known three-year stent with the Army and four years of Dental school at the Medical College of Georgia. Omaha is home to more than half of the Lee family, and Robert’s roots are just as important to him as the quality of beer produced each day. His career as a dentist has fueled Omaha Brewing Company’s beginnings and helped turn Omaha into a safe haven for family and friends alike. He owned Lee Family Dentistry in Dallas, Ga., for thirty years and owns Omalee Dental, just a few hundred yards away from the brewery. His passion for talking and caring for his patients has led him to become one of the most successful dentists in Georgia. If you ask him if he is related to the General, he is, and will gladly laugh at any jokes. Just don’t call him Bob and don’t confuse him with the Dose Equis, most interesting man in the world.


Business ManagerSTEPHANIE LEE

Nicknamed by Cousin Steve, and where the Blue Jeans Blueberry Ale gets it’s name, Stephanie is the brains and money manager for everything related to the brewery. She has a knack for detail and doing business right the first time. She is a former restaurant owner and Georgia Power contractor with a passion for writing children’s books. Keeping the books doesn’t exactly give her enough credit, as she also keeps tabs on everything related to the brewery and does a great job wearing those blue jeans.


Sales ManagerNicolette Conran

Nicolette is a Southwest Florida native who was brought to the Omaha family after moving from West Texas to Georgia with her Army husband.
She cut her teeth in the craft beer scene in St. Petersburg, Florida about 10 years ago and has been hooked ever since.
Having management experience with multiple breweries and craft beer establishments, she was a perfect fit to run the sales team!
Her and her husband have two giant doofus dogs, and spend all free time exploring, running and turning every day together into another exciting experience.
She is a passionate traveler, aficionado of all things delicious and fitness enthusiast. An obvious lover of craft beer, she is also known to never turn down a glass of mezcal, a good taco or an adventure.

Sales ManagerROB LEE

A journalist, poet, construction worker, outdoorsman and marketing man, Rob graduated from Auburn University with a double major in Journalism and Creative Writing and an MBA from Mercer University. Son of Robert, he is the former editor of The Auburn Plainsman and has continuously helped drive sales to where they need to be. His friends can often be found lost or wondering around Omaha in hopes of enjoying the South at its best and his dad is his original and biggest motivation. Craft beer hasn’t always been in his life, but his love for sour beers and even a clean IPA are more apparent than ever. His office may be filled with too much Atlanta Falcons memorabilia and “War Eagle” will surely be heard several times a day throughout the brewery.


Tasting Room ManagerBROOKE ALEXANDER

Brooke Alexander joined the Omaha Brewing Company family in 2017. As the tasting room manager, she strives to make everyone’s experience in Omaha happy and memorable!

Head BrewerHayden Chaapel