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November 19, 2019by Christina Alibozek0

Driving to Omaha Brewing Company, you might feel like you are in the middle of nowhere – but that’s kind of the point. With the phrase “Small Town, Big Beers” printed on every can, OBC is definitely practicing what it’s preaching. Here is my experience of an afternoon at OBC!

Located right on the Georgia/Alabama state line in Omaha, Georgia and housed in an original school house built in the 1940’s, OBC prides itself on creating delicious beer while focusing on family and friends.

I recently visited Omaha Brewing Company’s taproom, and could feel this mindset throughout the building.

Upon arrival, two massive hay bales greeted me (one decorated as a turkey and the other sporting an American flag). Next up: an extremely warm welcome by the OBC crew. Things only got better from there.

Surrounded by dogs with wagging tails, I went on a tour of the building. It was clear that Omaha Brewing Company is more than your average craft brewery. Family mementos are scattered around the taproom, evoking a vibe that immediately makes any visitor feel right at home. Combine that with the 20-taps of rotating beer, and you are in for a great afternoon!

Pair that with the playful banter between the OBC team, and it is clear that these people are as close as any family could be. Even if you aren’t related by blood, those at Omaha Brewing Company make you feel just as close.

It is these aspects that make it clear that OBC is really delivering on a craft beer experience that is family-focused and leaves  you feeling that Southern comfort that Georgia knows best.

Next time you are craving that local craft experience, make sure to check out Omaha Brewing Company in Omaha, Georgia!


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