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October 22, 2019by Omaha Brewmaster0

Despite winter actually starting three day ago, it’s apparently fall and pumpkin beers are back. Aside from the spice additions we all know, what beer and food pairings are prime candidates for the evening wind down? We’re glad you asked!

Brown Ale

A dark to amber colored ale with slight toffee and bitter notes with a potential touch of caramel and sweetness.

Food Pairing: Root vegetables, squash, brownies and grilled red meats (Such as Beef steak rubbed with black peppercorns with a slightly charred finish for an extra savory experience).

Pumpkin Beer

Common Pumpkin Beers found in the USA.













A light to medium bodied ale with varying spice flavors from cinnamon to clove to nutmeg. Usually low bitterness with a sweet nose.

Food Pairing: Although desserts such as pecan pie, chocolate mousse and pumpkin pie shine here, fried chicken and fall-inspired ravioli are also top choices.













A dark ale with a light to heavy body, this style ranges drastically from a dry-irish stout (Guiness) to an imperial stout most wouldn’t be able to finish in a single serving. Flavor profiles vary from milk chocolate to heavy roast-like flavors to mild bitterness. Sometimes intense aromas of Coffee and caramel can exist.

Food Pairing: Baked beans, macaroni and cheese, pork ribs and chocolate truffles.


A stronger, slightly darker version of the German-style helles lager, the maibock is more malty with a dry finish and has a larger hop presence than it’s lighter, German counterparts.

Food Pairing: Lighter seafood such as shrimp or Cod, spicy asian dishes, fries and rich dessert plates such as turtle cheesecake.

Amber Lager













A medium-bodied lager with a toasty character and low bitterness.

Food Pairing: Contrasting cheese flavors such as pepper jack layered on top of a beef burger, spicy sausage and caramel-inspired desserts.

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