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October 19, 2019by Omaha Brewmaster0

Georgia is known for its haunted locations across the state, not to mention one of the nations most intense haunted houses. With Halloween approaching, we wanted to remind you where you can visit the dark and spooky, but still reach for your favorite pint across the street.

Downtown Atlanta – The Fox Theatre and Oakland Cemetery





Did you know the Fox Theatre was originally intended to be a masonic lodge? It’s also rumored that the site of the theatre was used as a confederate ammunitions depot during the civil war. Plenty of reasons for ghosts to find comfort in the theaters comfy, ornate halls.

The Oakland Cemetery was founded in 1850 as the Atlanta Cemetery sitting on roughly six acres. It is also Atlanta’s largest public park. It now houses multiple event venues and functions throughout the year, while home to the final resting place of some of Atlanta’s most iconic figures.

Not that we need to remind anyone where to grab a pint in Atlanta, but OG’s like The Vortex (Little Five Points and downtown) and Manuel’s Tavern are always great places to start. Don’t forget about Monday Night Brewing and Atlanta Brewing  if you’re looking to go straight to the source.




Possibly the most commonly-referenced haunted area in Georgia, Savannah is home to so much history that hauntings were bound to follow, and sometimes that means ghosts!

Made famous by the novel and movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, the Hamilton-Turner Inn has reported all kinds of strange activity inside it’s walls, from billiards being played mysteriously to hearing children playing in the halls. Yet, the Hamilton-Inn isn’t the only haunted hotel in the coastal city.

The Marshall House was named one of the most haunted hotels in America by USA Today and The Pirates House, one of the most famous restaurants in Savannah, was formerly home to passing-through pirates. Whatever nefarious deeds were done here, it is sure to be discussed over dinner (The food is great, BTW!).

Savannah may be the only place where we want to drink beer in the streets all day (Also, it’s one of the only places to do it legally in Georgia), so find a pint at Churchhills’s Pub or Kevin Barry’s on River Street and enjoy the spooky details this Georgia gem has to offer.

Milledgeville – Central State Hospital

Milledgeville is known for more than it’s college-town vibe in Georgia College and State University and Georgia Military College.

Central State Hospital, accepting its first patient in 1842 under the name of the Georgia Lunatic, Idiot, and Epiceptic Asylum, grew to house the most mental-health patients in the world in the 1960’s. At one point, even the patients were helping to run the hospital, as was exposed by Atlanta Constitution’s writer Jack Nelson in 1959.

The nearby Cedar Lane cemetery commemorates the nearly 25,000 patients, with a display of some 2,000 metal markers, who died on the hospital grounds.

But not to fear, downtown Milledgeville is home to multiple establishments who focus their beer selections on local craft, including The Brick, Amici’s and Metropolis Cafe.

Jekyll Island Club Hotel


With aspiring views, the Jekyll Island Club is a perfect place to sip your morning coffee (Or beer) and read the morning news undisturbed, or so we thought!

Samuel Spencer, former president of the Southern Railroad Company, insisted the the Wall Street Journal be delved to his room. His ritual was to drink coffee and read the news. However, in 1906, he was killed in a train accident. Guests of the club now complain of their newspapers being “disturbed” and morning coffee “sipped” or spilled. Coincidence?

Thankfully, Jekyll Island is also home to many locations where craft beer prevails, such as The Beach House Restaurant and The Wee Pub.


North Georgia – Tunnell Hill













Located in the Chetoogetta Mountains in Whitfield County, Tunnell Hill is said to have been the location of many battles in the civil war and the resting place for many soldiers who died. Need something a bit more concrete? Some visitors have reported smelling “rotten flesh” as they walk through the tunnel.

Despite the macabre, Tunnell Hill is part of Dalton, GA., home to Dalton Brewing Company. Nothing like a crisp pint of local beer to go with thoughts of horror!

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