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September 19, 2019by Omaha Brewmaster0

Craft beer culture is digging its roots in south Georgia. From multiple craft breweries to retailers focusing on craft-centric menus, here’s five places you should visit to scratch that craft-enthusiast itch.

Downtown Americus

The Windsor Hotel in downtown Americus, Ga.

Located in Sumter county, Americus is home to the headquarters of Habitat for Humanity and not far from Plains, the home of former president Jimmy Carter.

Craft beer has worked it’s way into the roots of downtown, as the Americus Hot Glass Craft Beer Festival will be in its 4th year in 2020 and revitalization continues to grow local business and commerce. Stop by the historic Windsor Hotel for a pint and beautiful views, but don’t forget to visit Monroe’s Hotdog’s for an easy bite.

Pat’s Place is also crusading for craft beer in the south, keeping multiple craft beers on tap and usually from surrounding microbreweries. A local staple in its own, Pat’s Place is comfy enough for the whole family, but eclectic enough for the craft beer enthusiast to enjoy every pint.


The Chattahoochee River flowing through Columbus, Ga.


A little know fact; Columbus is Georgia’s second largest city in terms of population (Although it seems to teeter back and forth with Augusta). Despite the interstate debacle of I-185 & I-85, the south’s largest military base is just a few miles away in Fort Benning and some of the largest businesses in the state have settled downtown.

In addition to the gorgeous riverwalk on the Chattahoochee, Columbus is making a name for itself in the craft beer scene and is filled with opportunity for a perfect pint.

Retailers such as Nonic, Maltitude, Smoke Bourbon and Barbecue and 11th and Bay have all captured the craft-beer-first mentality, and even locations such as the newly-opened Stock Market on Broadway are gearing their beverage selections toward craft-centric options, not to mention OBC was south Georgia’s first production craft brewery, offering Columbus its own hometown libations.

The National Infantry Museum and white water rafting course are also among the highlights of the city, while Uptown Columbus continues its efforts of renovating and remodeling downtown to create something special in south Georgia. The Cannon Brewpub and Chattabrewchee Southern Brewhouse also call Columbus home.

The Flint River

The Flint River near Bainbridge, Ga.

Including the trail of The Walking Dead, the Flint River runs through a fair amount of South Georgia, including Albany, Newton and Bainbridge.

A perfect river for floating with a can in hand, Pretoria Fields is located a rock’s throw from the river and is creating a farm-to-pint culture in south Georgia and offering the community a place to enjoy craft beer in downtown Albany. The Flint is full of opportunities for camping, hiking and fishing, so grabbing a cold pint and finding the sunset is second nature in one of the South’s most notable rivers.


Willis Park located in downtown Bainbridge.

Not far from Florida or Alabama, Bainbridge is tucked away in Georgia’s southwest corner not far from Blakely and Cairo. Never heard of any of either of those places? We understand, but you need to step up your travel game.

Southern Philosophy Brewing Company recently opened in downtown and continues to help drive the craft-beer culture in south Georgia. As a brewpub, they offer rotating craft options and a delicious food menu, all while being settled on historic Willis Park. Bainbridge is an official Main Street city in Georgia, meaning a town has recently found revitalization and renewal through preservation-based economic development. Many of the buildings downtown have found a home for local commerce and the southern-filled views offer a tremendous atmosphere for local craft beer.

While you’re road-trippin’ down this way, don’t forget to swing by Georgia Beer Company as well, located in downtown Valdosta.



The Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village at ABAC.

The home of The Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton is a stopping point for most travels on their journey to the beach, but stopping to find the roses is a must now more than ever.

Other than the various historic sites, The Tift Tap House recently opened as the essential gateway for craft beer in town, offering multiple taps of craft beer as well as an extensive food menu and manicured cigar selection. The Georgia Grown Trail also falls through the area, highlighting some of the various crops found throughout the state and a backbone for Georgia’s economy.

Despite the climb of Big Beer prevailing over the years, craft beer is finding a home in each crevice of the south, and Tifton is no different.


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