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BlogNew Website, New Feel For OBC Family

November 7, 2018by Omaha Brewmaster0

The Omaha Brewing Company family is excited to announce the launch of the new website.

Moving into 2019, we want to insure our family is able to find the information they need about our brands,  tasting room and everything OBC at the touch of screen.

You may have already noticed the website is mobile friendly; A major emphases on the re-designed site.

The introduction video will be the highlight of the home page, while the “About” section will tell you everything about our humble beginnings and why we wanted Omaha Brewing Company to exist.

The “Locations” section will give you all the information you need to find your favorite OBC brews in the market, and we are working on updating those locations every day.

Other new features are the “Brews” and “Brands” sections. With multiple brands and styles available at any time throughout the year, we wanted to have a detailed breakdown of our beers and the artwork that makes them come to life. Keep checking back in with these sections for new brands.

You’ll also notice a live tasting room beer menu at the top of the screen and an “Events” section with an interactive calendar for the tasting room events throughout the year.

Lastly, you’ll notice the social media icons in the top right of your screen for links to all of our social media platforms, as well as the “Blog/News” section for consistent updates like this one.

If you have any questions/comments or feedback regarding the new website, please reach out to Director of Sales and Marketing, Rob Lee, at the email address at the bottom of your screen.

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