BlogOBC’s Fall Seasonal Release: Why This Imperial Brown Ale With Toasted Coconut Is The Perfect Fall Beer

October 31, 2019by Christina Alibozek0

Just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean the days of ice-cold beer are over.

While yes, we may be seeing less of the crushable Kölsch and refreshing sours, don’t fret. Fall just so happens to be the perfect time to usher in the season of hearty, dark beers.

Fall also means the release of OBC’s next seasonal release, the 7.62 Imperial Brown Ale with Toasted Coconut, which is the perfect beer to pair with a cool afternoon watching football or a chilly night by the fire.

Check out this video of the first batch of 7.62 we produced for the market in 2015!


While we know the idea of a darker beer can feel a little intimidating to some, this is not a scary beer – it’s flavors will suit even the mildest pallets.

With a slightly chocolate and toasty profile and only 23.5 IBU’s, the 7.62 Imperial Brown Ale is extremely smooth and creamy, and imparts nutty and toffee flavors on the tongue. Immediately following, a burst of coconut flavor explodes on the pallet, leaving the drinker reminiscing of Samoa Girl Scout Cookies.

The beer boasts a mahogany color derived from the chocolate malt. The base brew ages post fermentation for several days in a conditioning tank with toasted coconut, ensuring a caramel, coconut indulgence.

The end product delivers a toasty brew that isn’t too heavy or bitter, making it perfect for those brisk Fall days.


The 7.62 Imperial Brown Ale also pairs well with delicious Fall foods. While brown ales are traditionally famous for pairing well with a variety of foods (anything from sushi to barbeque), the more robust flavors of the 7.62  stands up especially well to heartier meals. Think grilled meats, root vegetables and even a little spice.

The caramel and chocolate notes counterbalance the more intense flavors, providing perfect harmony.

For those of you with a sweet tooth, this beer is perfect for you too! This imperial brown ale stands up to the more intense flavors of a sweet chocolate dessert, while the underlying caramel flavor complements the rich sweetness.

So come on down to the taproom and raise a glass of the 7.62 Imperial Brown Ale with us – it’ll keep you nice and cozy all through the Fall.

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