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August 23, 2019by Omaha Brewmaster0

A dive into the deep history of Omaha, Ga., and why a tiny town south of Columbus is creating a destination for years to come.


Incorporated on October 5, 1891, Omaha, Ga., lies southwest of Columbus, Ga., in Stewart county and just northeast of Eufaula, Ala. The Chattahoochee River is just over a stone-throw away and the Hannahatchee Creek intersects the town just a few hundred yards from the brewery.

Stewart County, the 10-tenth most populated county in Georgia in 1850, was named after the great-grandfather of president Theodore Roosevelt.

Fort McCreary, located just a mile north, was built in 1836 for the defense of Georgia’s frontier along the Chattahoochee during The Creek War of 1836.

With a population of roughly 1200, Omaha isn’t the most obvious of towns, but it’s located near several key tourist attractions in southwest Georgia. Florence Marina State park is located just a few miles west and Providence Canyon state park (Also known as The Little Grand Canyon) is just 10 miles away. “We knew there wasn’t a hotel here yet, but the (Florence) Marina down the road has recently renovated cabins for visitors and is an affordable place to stay after a brewery trip,” said Robert Lee, Owner of Omaha Brewing Company.

Omaha was also featured in the film The Long Rider’s, starring Dennis and Randy Quad.

The town was officially unincorporated in 1995.

The word Omaha is derived from an old Indian tribal name meaning “Upstream People, or “Against the Wind.” Despite it’s location, it’s a town full of history and historical landmarks, including a masonic lodge and a Baptist church established in the 1800’s.

“We still have a long way to go,” Lee said,” But what we’ve started is really the beginning of larger vision. Creating commerce for the county and driving tourism down here is obviously a goal, but we want to continue to give our audience a reason to come see us. Eventually we want a muscadine-based winery and a distillery, all tied together with a walking path, in addition to everything we have going on at the brewery.”



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