BlogSummer of the Seltzer: Mixing your sparkling booze with spirits

September 12, 2019by Omaha Brewmaster0

Using the Summer’s crowned beverage as a mixer is easier than you think

Mixologists unit; Hard-seltzers are more than refreshing and go great with just about every spirit in your liquor cabinet. (And fruit and other healthy-ish things)

Now that we’ve established hard-seltzers are an official category outselling craft beer and most every alcoholic beverage on the market, there’s a reason behind the madness, and versatility is one.

Versatile, not flexible like a veteran gymnast, but a base liquid that mixes well with most anything we can think of. Especially with the spirits and fruits mentioned here:


Clear, crisp and botanical. Flavors like lime, mint, basil and lemon favor the juniper-inspired spirit.

Once known as the most popular spirit pre-prohibition, combining an old-school spirit with the new-school seltzer is an enticing twist versatile enough for an evening dinner or cocktail party on a sweltering summer afternoon.

Much like craft beer, drinking a craft cocktail is an experience involving visuals, sights and aromas; Adding seltzer to the mix doesn’t change that. Trying to find a balance among the flavors is key, don’t let one flavor overwhelm unless that’s the intent. If using other liqueurs or bitters,  keep in mind to stay balanced.



The go-to, everyday sipper. Vodka mixes well with many things, but hard-seltzers with stone-fruit flavors, mango, pineapple, peach and citrus flavors highlight a great way to mix-up rookie vodka-inspired beverages.

Although Vodka can be blanketed with many fruits, find a seltzer that compliments instead of creates. The cocktail should be enjoyable and distinct, not just boozy.

Taking it one step further? Source a locally-distilled vodka and muddle your own fresh-fruit (We like raspberries, blackberries, elderberries and strawberries) in a dish and infuse with 3 parts hard-seltzer and 2 parts vodka.


Think margarita. A sparkly mix of coconut and lime hard-seltzer makes an easy addition to your traditional evening fiesta. Even orange or tangerine flavors can add to a traditional tequila sunrise.

With the same ideas in mind, creating a mezcal-inspired hard-seltzer cocktail will create a smokier, more effervescent drink if adding flavors such as black cherry or grapefruit to the mix.

Be careful not to choose an overpowering tequila or mezcal; the older tequilas and smokier versions of mezcal can create a distinct flavor that is enjoyable, but may not be with fruit flavors. Sticking to silver tequila or lighter mezcal is ideal.


Whether dark or light, the Caribbean’s common tonic is a lighter spirit traditionally mixed with a variety of fruit. Any hard-seltzer with strawberry, kiwi, blueberry or passionfruit will entice your tropical beverage to go to an even brighter beach.

Although fruity cocktails can be cliche, don’t knock the tropical bliss until you try it. Adding a sparkling-seltzer to the mix will help emphasis distinct, citrus and sweeter flavors. It’s an easy way to enjoy more flavor without the added headache of a sugar overload.

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