Core BrewsYear-round offerings


Hannahatchee Creek IPA

India Pale Ale / 53.3 IBU's • 6.6% ABV

This slightly hazy copper brew pours with a white head at only 53 IBU’s and has a low perceived bitterness. With a refreshing malty backbone, this beer finishes with a strong citrus flavor resembling orange peels derived from the large Amarillo dry-hop. If you’re a hop head, drink this beer.


American Weiss Beer / 15.1 IBU's • 5.3% ABV

Upon pouring, this beer is light in color with very little haze and a very thick head. Similar to traditional German-style Weissbier, this beer boasts huge banana and clove aromas followed by a wonderful taste of banana, vanilla and spices that finishes with a fruity, smooth aftertaste. The fluffy mouthfeel can be attributed to the amount of protein gained from the wheat which also leaves a beautiful lacing in your glass.


Doc Dweller

Berliner Weisse / 8 IBU's • 4 ABV

The Doc Dweller is our adaptation of the German-style Berliner Weisse. Our Georgia-style Berliner pops with an initial tartness that gently tingles the palate and incorporates white wine and green grape notes, derived from the beautiful combination of lactic acid and New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops. With a light, golden and slightly cloudy appearance, we believe the Doc Dweller combines everything necessary to enjoy a day on the dock.

Gnat Knocker

German-style Helles Lager / 15 IBU's • 4.5 ABV

A light Munich Helles lager pale in color with a sweet cereal nose and a dry finish. An easy-drinking, light beer full of simple flavors. Whether the weather is hot or whether the weather is not, this brew was meant for relaxation, enjoying good company and watching the south Georgia sunset. Knock a few back, because the only thing more persistent than gnats is a pint glass bugging you for more.


Seasonal BrewsBeers for every time of year.


Non-Typical Bock

Non-Typical Bock / 32 IBU’s • 7.2 ABV

A non-typical deer taken by a local hunter in Omaha, GA, the Non-Typical Bock represents a twist on the traditional German-style Bock. Brewed by a non-typical Brewery and packaged in camp from a non-typical business, RealTree Outdoors.

Orange and Brew

German Pilsner / 29 IBU’s • 4.5% ABV

A German Pilsner malt base brewed with traditional German noble hops creates a crisp and refreshing lager infused with fresh orange peels to create a balance of sweet citrus notes that any fan of the Orange and Blue will enjoy.


The Duster

The Duster / 15 IBU’s • 4% ABV

Riding across the United States and Canada or Riding to the Arctic Circle! Dozens of steel horses, thousands of miles! Taking our community across the country. Brave men don their dusters put their kick stands up and road out of Columbus on an epic adventure to see America!



American Ale / 29 IBU’s • 4.9% ABV

Armageddon Gear Windcheater American Ale features German-grown pilsner malt and clean-fermenting German ale yeast combined with a manly blend of H4350, freedom, opportunity, and American pride to provide you with a slow-burning magnum taste. Expect this brew to be light and refreshingly crisp with a smooth finish.

Like No Udder

Milk Stout / 41.1 IBU's • 8.1 ABV

A sweet stout dark in color that pours with a brownish, white fluffy head. Tastes of coffee, milk chocolate and roast form on the tongue as the beer finishes with a soft sweetness from the addition of flaked oats in the mash and lactose in the boil kettle.


5.56 Dry-Hopped Lager

IPL / 45.6 IBU's • 5.5 ABV

OBC’s new spring release, the 5.56 India Pale Lager, pours with a brilliantly transparent clarity and is dry-hopped with all-American hops; Cascade, Mosaic, and Citra. The crisp mouthfeel combined with robust piney, citrus, and grapefruit aromas make for a sessionable spring lager you’ll surely enjoy.


Imperial Brown Ale with Toasted Coconut / 23.5 IBU's • 7.6 ABV

OBC’s fall seasonal release, the 7.62 Imperial Brown Ale with Toasted Coconut, begins with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel imparting nutty and toffee flavors on the tongue. Immediately following, a burst of coconut flavor explodes leaving the drinker reminiscing of Samoa Girl Scout cookies. This beer boasts a mahogany coloration derived from caramel and chocolate malts. The base brew ages post fermentation for several days in a conditioning tank with toasted coconut, ensuring a caramel, coconut indulgence that pairs perfectly with dinner or dessert.


Limited ReleasesSelect Beers around the year.


The General's Select Barrel Aged Stout

Ale Aged in Jack Daniel's Barrels / 62.9 IBU's • 11.1 ABV

This beautiful barrel-aged stout boasts a bold flavor profile with chocolate, roasty, coffee, oak, bourbon whiskey and vanilla notes derived from the combination of seven malts and barrel aging. Limited release.