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Welcome to the brewery…and a place to call home.

Not everyone can peek through the blinds on a sunny day and see their career. Hypothetically, of course, but in Omaha, Ga., that’s what we see in the mornings when we wake up and close our eyes each night.

More literally, we live a stone’s through away from our brewery. The morning commute consists of passing a stop sign and a few log trucks down the highway just a few hundred feet.

Highway 39 is just shy of 30 miles long and probably a place you couldn’t find on a map if you wanted to, but if you’ve ever traveled to Panama City Beach, you’ve passed it. It’s more than a few trees, more than neighbors and basketball games in the street and more than family, tradition and good times. Omaha is home to many people who live somewhere else.

It’s a distinct feeling, being in Omaha, yet it’s easy to feel once you step down on the Georgia grass and pine straw. Your not walking on someone else’s property, but a place where family and friends have known each other for centuries. If ever there was a place to drink beer in peace and simply be, it’s here.

But beer hasn’t known Omaha forever, less than two years actually. Dr. Robert E. Lee, better known as “Doc”, started the foundation of Omaha Brewing Company on 12/12/12. The few acres the brewery sits on connects to another 150-or-so acres also owned by our family. A great coincidence in the world of happiness.

Initially Doc started a vineyard, however Grape vines take years to establish a hefty yield and he understood that. Beer also takes time to mature and ferment, but it’s less of a time-consuming craft. A few weeks here and there and you have a brew to potentially sell to the free world.

After a few brewery tours in Atlanta and fine tuning the goal of opening a brewery, Nick Fowler, formerly of Red Brick Brewing Company in Atlanta, finds himself lost in Omaha. A lost that found him a new career as Brewmaster of Omaha Brewing Company.

Our website will always be a place where you can find descriptions of our brews and what to expect from each nectar within the walls of OBC, but it’s also a friendly reminder that life is good, and even better with great beer. A reminder that Omaha is a sort of paradise to Southern culture and the revolution of craft beer. A way to remind yourself that craft beer is here to stay in the South and only become more prevalent in a land of pine trees, whitetails and a newfound brew.

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