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  • Do you have food?
    We have food trucks every Saturday and Sunday unless otherwise stated on social media! Throughout the week we do not serve food, though we do have some small snack options. However, you are more than welcome to bring your own food.
  • Where can I buy your beer?
    We are currently in locations across the Florida Panhandle and are working on more. Click here to see where in Florida you can purchase our products.
  • Can you host my event?
    Yes, we would love to host your birthday party, reunion, baby shower, wedding or whatever it may be! Contact our taproom manager Brooke at for your event scheduling and inquiries.
  • Where’s Doc?
    He's tanning.
  • Do you do tours?
    Yes by request! Ask one of our beertenders or email Brooke at to set up a tour.
  • What’s the deal with all the alligators?
    Alligators are prevalent in our area, and we felt they would be a good mascot. Our alligator mascot is named Enoch.
  • What are you growing?
    The vines outside are Noble and Carlos Muscadines.
  • Do you make wine?
    Yes! We have a semi-sweet white muscadine wine, a dry red muscadine, blackberry and a sweet strawberry wine on tap!
  • Do you have gift cards?
    Yes we do!
  • Can I bring my own alcohol?
    No, according to Georgia state law we are not allowed to have outside alcohol on the premises.
  • Do you have RV/overnight parking?
    Not currently, but we are working on camping options. Stay tuned to our social media.
  • Do you have wifi?
    We have limited wifi way out here, so it’s the perfect spot to make new friends.
  • Are you pet and family friendly?
    Yes, you can bring the entire family and well behaved dogs are welcome on leashes!
  • Do you have domestic beer?
    No we do not, we take pride in the fact everything we serve we make here!
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